7th Hole

Swindle Members

Scott Browning
Dave Barnes
Scott Browning
Dave Barnes
Nickname   You would not believe the complimentary ones and the others - I am afraid you might believe
Year of Birth: 1956 1947
Occupation: Director Retired Company Director
Puttenham Member Since: 2010 2002
Current Handicap: 19 20
Lowest Handicap: 18 18
Swindle Wins: 0 1
Eclectic Wins: 0 0
Knock-out Wins: 0 0
Previous Clubs: Oak Park, Sherfield Oaks Chiddingfold
Interests outside golf: Business Fasting :-Fast cars, fast women and fast food
Favourite hole: tbd The key hole of Kylie's bedroom
Most disliked hole: 18th - last hole should be a par 4! The Kimberley diamond mine __ Why? I do not own it.
Bryn Owen
Graham Ottaway
Year of Birth: 1961 1952
Occupation: Finance DIrector  
Puttenham Member Since: 2009  
Current Handicap: 18  
Lowest Handicap: 16  
Swindle Wins: 0  
Eclectic Wins: 0  
Knock-out Wins: 0  
Previous Clubs: Gosport & Stokes Bay, Leatherhead, Farnham Sands  
Interests outside golf: Welsh Rugby & Portsmouth FC  
Favourite hole: 9th - There's always a great bacon roll at the end!  
Most disliked hole: 5th - I'm averaging over 4 on this tough and slighly boring par 3.  
Paul Budge
Nick Hayward
Paul Budge
Nick Hayward
Nickname Budgie Stacks
Year of Birth:   1954
Occupation:   Retired Bank Manager
Puttenham Member Since:   1976
Current Handicap:   12
Lowest Handicap:   9
Swindle Wins:   0
Eclectic Wins:   2
Knock-out Wins:   4
Previous Clubs:   None
Interests outside golf:   Church, Cricket, Bird watching (Ornithology), any other sport
Favourite hole:   2nd - I feel more relaxed on the tee, its my first shot hole and if I can get on the green in two I feel really good.
Most disliked hole:   8th - It's that second shot! In the summer how do you stop it on the green?
Dave Wallace
Michael Schurch
Year of Birth: 1957  
Occupation: Gardener  
Puttenham Member Since: 2012  
Current Handicap: 28  
Lowest Handicap: 28  
Swindle Wins: 0  
Eclectic Wins: 0  
Knock-out Wins: 0  
Previous Clubs: Blacknest  
Interests outside golf: Bowls, Gardening  
Favourite hole: None!  
Most disliked hole: 1 - 18  
Frank Emery
Martin Thomas
Frank Emery
Martin Thomas
Year of Birth: 1947 1946
Occupation: Semi-Retired Retired (but still consulting, Change Management)
Puttenham Member Since: 2012 2009
Current Handicap: 18 19
Lowest Handicap: 15 17
Swindle Wins: 0 0
Eclectic Wins: 0 0
Knock-out Wins: 0 0
Previous Clubs: Old Thorms, Blackmoor Bogotá Country Club, Colombia: Karen GC, Kenya: Caesarea GC, Israel: Drift GC.
Interests outside golf: More golf! Travel, music, cricket
Favourite hole: 1st - The Character 6th – plenty of challenges and it sometimes goes to plan.
Most disliked hole: The rest!. 8th – should not be such a challenge, but it never goes to plan 6th.
Tony Malyon
Chris Osborne
Year of Birth: 1948 1937
Occupation: Retired (Local Government) Retired
Puttenham Member Since: 1981 2002
Current Handicap: 13 17
Lowest Handicap: 11 11
Swindle Wins: 2 0
Eclectic Wins: 1 0
Knock-out Wins: 1 0
Previous Clubs: Southwood Laleham
Interests outside golf: DIY, watercolours (28 handicap!), Red wine gardening
Favourite hole:

8th - What Puttenham is all about, has changed little, thinking all the way, working your way around the course, watch out there could be a 6/7 or worse waiting for you!

9th - Usually par it

Most disliked hole: 14th - Two poor shots will get you there with a probable par. Two “nearly” good shots can wreck a card. 14th
Colin Price
Colin Reardon
Colin Price
Colin Reardon
Nickname Our Col No-toes, stumpy, "fore-right"
Year of Birth: 1959 1953
Occupation: Consulting Actuary Company Director
Puttenham Member Since: 2002 1987
Current Handicap: 14 18
Lowest Handicap: 14


Swindle Wins: 1 8
Eclectic Wins: 0 7
Knock-out Wins: 1 0
Previous Clubs: Golf Club-Great Britain’ !, Society member at Farnham Swindon GC
Interests outside golf: Church, Keeping Fit, Most Sports, Most Music Football, bird watching, tennis
Favourite hole:

7th - The chance to steer a mid-iron second shot through the gap and set up an inviting approach shot to a visible and receptive green.

3rd - Such a confidence builder!
Most disliked hole: 8th - The 2nd shot is such a lottery due to the elevated undulating green! 7th - Requires three consecutive good shots. Most unusual for me!
Paul Reardon
Stuart Saunders
Stuart Saunders
Nickname  PJ or Ray Sturat
Year of Birth: 1978 1938
Occupation: Sales Director (Business Gifts) Research Scientist
Puttenham Member Since: 1994 2001
Current Handicap: 9 22
Lowest Handicap: 9 22
Swindle Wins: 10 1
Eclectic Wins: 3 0
Knock-out Wins: 4 1
Previous Clubs: None None
Interests outside golf: Football, cinema Music, reading, being a good neighbour, gardening (just cutting the grass), sport of all types (Arsenal FC)
Favourite hole: 3rd - Very good chance for a birdie - makes you feel good early in the round.. 10th - once upon a time I got a birdie on this the supposedly most difficult hole (but only from the yellow tee) – not likely to be repeated!!
Most disliked hole: 13th - Very difficult to get the ball on the fairway off the tee. 6th - yet to get a par!! – now I hope you will believe me when I claim a 27 handicap!
Anthony Yates
Richard Taunton
Richard Taunton
Nickname Rowdy, Ant Tonto
Year of Birth: 1970 1951
Occupation: Computer Consultant Managing Director of PJ Hifi - the only real Hifi shop in Guildford.
Puttenham Member Since: 2004 2000
Current Handicap: 6 19
Lowest Handicap: 6 14
Swindle Wins: 0 0
Eclectic Wins: 1 0
Knock-out Wins: 0 0
Previous Clubs: Flackwell Heath, Slinfold, Wycombe Heights Clandon Regis (Home club)
Interests outside golf: Mountain biking, five-a-side and changing nappies! The mighty THFC - since 1962, skiing, music
Favourite hole: 10th - Always tackled with one of Al’s Bacon Rolls inside you! Jointly :11th, 12th, 13th  - Puttenham's 'Amen Corner'.
Most disliked hole: 9th - Why does my approach always end up in the garden over the back? I love the challenge of all of them!
John Taafe
John Taafe
Year of Birth:    
Puttenham Member Since: 2012  
Current Handicap:    
Lowest Handicap:    
Swindle Wins:    
Eclectic Wins:    
Knock-out Wins:    
Previous Clubs:    
Interests outside golf:    
Favourite hole:    
Most disliked hole: